Sydney Jewish Writers Festival is held at the following venues:

Saturday 27 August @ Bondi Pavilion  Sunday 28 August @ Waverley Library
pavilion_web2 library

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Enjoy these podcasts from our recent sold out events:

Eva Clarke speaks with Rita Nash about her miraculous birth at Mauthausen concentration camp in 1945 after her mother hid her pregnancy through the horrors of Auschwitz. This remarkable Holocaust story is astonishing and amazingly not unique. Eva is one of three babies’stories told in the book Born Survivors. 

Internationally acclaimed bestselling author Simon Sebag Montefiore asks is Putin a new Tsar or a new Stalin? He discusses his fascinating book The Romanovs in conversation with Scott Whitmont.

Master Israeli storyteller Etgar Keret charms the audience with unique tales from his acclaimed and hilarious memoir, The Seven Good Years, with moderator Michaela Kalowski.  

How and why did Jerusalem become the Holy City? This discussion investigates what the city means to Christians and Jews today and why Jerusalem is once again the centre of the world in the twenty-first century. Acclaimed English author Simon Sebag Montefiore talks with Joanna Kalowski about writing his international bestseller Jerusalem: the Biography, a chronicle of the Holy City over 5000 years and a fresh history of the Middle East, from Canaanites, Greeks and Romans to Obama.